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Our facilities are comprised of 37,000 square feet of diverse manufacturing space. Approximately 27,000 Sq. ft is dedicated to Manufacturing, 6,500 Sq. ft. to Assembly and Inventory, 1,200 Sq. ft. to Quality Assurance, 1,200 Sq. ft. to Engineering and Laboratory and 1,500 Sq. ft. to Administration.

SYNCOM Specialties is equipped with the latest in manufacturing technology including high speed milling, turning, wire EDM machining, Robotic welding, sheet metal forming/stamping, tool and die design and fabrication. Our Quality Assurance Department employs the latest in CMM and SPC technology.

Our milling capacity ranges from 1/4" cube to 18ft. x 8ft. x 3ft. travel. Featuring high-speed machining, high-pressure jet coolant and proprietary fixture design. SYNCOM employs both horizontal and vertical machining.

Several specialized business units are designed to offer a wide range of manufacturing expertise and services including ISO-9002 certification. We offer quick response development service as well as long term production. Small or large tooling, fixtures, electro-mechanical devices, machined weldments, assemblies, certified bonding to Lockheed Martin specifications and a capacity to resolve difficult machining and manufacturing problems allow SYNCOM to perform most of your manufacturing and machining requirements.


Machining Centers

Kitamura HX 4001F Horizontal Machine Center
4 axis, extended "X" (28.9), dual pallet, 13K RPM, 2000 IPM travel on box ways with 1000 PSI coolant. Ideal for gun drilling manifolds, forgings, castings and aerospace applications. This machine does it all from prototype to full production runs.

Okuma-Howa Horizontal Machining Center
4 axis, 4.3" cube dual pallet, 10K RPM with 1000 PSI coolant. Ideal for gun drilling, manifolds, castings, forgings and aerospace applications. Production prototype and short runs.

Okuma MC50VA VMC 19"x40"x20"
CNC production machine center. Also available for prototype and short run applications.

Okuma MC4VA VMC 16"x25"x19"
4 axis CNC production machining center. Also available for prototype and short run applications.

Large Milling Capability

Mazak V-20 CNC
    Travel, 80" X Axis, 32" Y Axis, 24" Z Axis
    FANUC Controller

SYNCOM Specialties lathe capacities include CNC turning centers, several manual lathes. We also employ a 4,000 rpm gang tooling center on our CNC lathes, creating a capacity for large production runs at competitive prices.

Turning Centers

Okuma LB 15 10" Chuck/Tailstock, 16" BC
Ideal for casting and second operation machining.

Okuma LB 10M Full "C" Axis, 6 Live Tool Positions
Production applications where live tooling requirements are met without the additional costs of handling between operations.

Hardinge Conquest 1 5/8" Dia. Hydraulic Barfeed/ 8" Chuck/ Tallstock, 14" BC.
Set for applications of cutting oil or coolant.

Hardinge Conquest GT Super Precisions 1 1/16" Hydraulic Bar Feed.
High production gangster flat bed tool set up with .00005 resolution.

Wasino LJ6MC, Full "C" Axis, 10" Chuck, Tallstock, 24" B.C.
Ideal for large part ops. Where live tooling is a production time and dollar saver.

Monarch Predator 2" Bar Feed, Tallstock, 23" B.C.
2 Axis high volume work horse.


Harrison 15" x 23" Gap with 2" thru spindle
B&S #2G Screw Machine
B&S Screw Machine
2 Hardinge DSM Second Ops Lathes
1 Hardinge HC Super Chucker
1 Hardinge Speed Lathes
1 Leblond Regal 18" Engine Lathe

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Programs at all SYNCOM facilities are developed and maintained by one manager. All procedures and manuals are maintained as one network and are audited as prescribed in the procedures. The QA Manager is also responsible for ISO 9002 certification and audits all facilities and elements of the program. The results of these audits are reported to the President of the Company on a quarterly basis.

Special Services

SYNCOM has found that most purchasing requirements are better served if component parts are as complete as possible at time of shipment ie. finishing, painting, marking, etc. To this end, we have developed a network of additional service providers in order to furnish you with as complete a part as possible. All incumbent or potential providers are surveyed by our Quality Assurance specialist to ensure compliance to customer and industry standards and specifications.


Assembly to blueprint or customer specification including; Helicoil insertion, stud placement, riveting and attachment of miscellaneous hardware.
Plating, including precious metals such as gold and silver, passivation, irridite, anodizing, Dow, BR-127, and others to Mil spec or customer specification.
Painting to commercial and military specification.
Marking as required by print or customer direction using various methods such as stamping, engraving, silkscreen etching and others.
Bonding of substrate materials to machined chassis and other metal components to customer (GE/Lockheed Martin) specification.

Have a close look at some of the parts we have manufactured for our clients. Just click on an image to begin.

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